Who writes The Flower Letters?

June 2022

Hey there! 

This is Michael and this newsletter is going to be a little different.  Different because I think its about time every knows who creates and writes The Flower Letters. 

When Hannie and I were first discussing this idea, we thought we would write these together - essentially writing back and forth in each of the character's voice. We'd divvy up the characters and write each letter together. We thought it'd be fun! And...it was! We started off great, but then something dawned on me: I am not the best writer, but Hannah is! So just about three letters in we adjusted and Hannah was off and running (writing/creating/desiging etc.). 

That, as it so happens, has been the best decision we've made. I mean, have you seen what's included IN ADDITION TO the letters? Not only are the letters written beautifully with a amazing story...but the flowers, sewing patterns, secret languages, recipes, trade cards, coded messages, telegrams, train tickets....the list goes on! In fact the list is currently at 212 across all of our collections and did I have anything to do with it?

Nope. All Hannah.

I read, review and give feedback...but The Flower Letters are first and foremost the work of Hannah Clark. Affectionately knows as Hannie to most of you. 

And...the best is yet to come! In our next collection there are some elements that are so amazing, yet so simple it makes me want to stand up an clap when we're reviewing them together.

Well...I'll gush about Hannah all day, but perhaps its a bit too much for some of you. If it is, I don't apologize! She is brilliant, beautiful (as you can see), funny, smart and full of light. The best part? She has the purest heart of anyone I've ever met. I am lucky to be her husband and extremely lucky to be in business with such a talented individual!

We thought it would be fun to share some photos of our journey below - enjoy!