We Need Your Help

Nov 2023

Hi, Michael

For us, The Flower Letters is very much a dream come true. I have always known how talented Hannie is, from singing, writing, art…you name it and she’ll figure out how to do it and make it beautiful. She is particularly gifted in story and writing. she knew from an early age that she wanted to be a writer, artist, and all things creative. It was and is her dream to reach far and high. She grew up in very humble circumstances driven to reach beyond it to something better. 

There are two things about her that I admire so much, and are the secret ingredients to her success - at least from my perspective. First is relentless, tireless, hard work. She is and always will be the hardest worker I have ever known. There is a saying that you should be the hardest worker in the room…a saying that doesn’t apply to Hannie because it implies comparison, pride, and competition. I could write another newsletter on that and the folly of other motivational sayings, but I’ll let it lead me to the 2nd ingredient to Hannie’s success. 

That is, she has the purest heart of anyone I know. I have never once witnessed her intentions as being selfish, arrogant, or with the intent to harm. This is very evident as I watch her create these stories and experiences for you. The goodness and light that come through these stories and our company are an extension of Hannie’s pure heart and relentless hard work to create an experience that brings joy, enriches minds, administers relief, and unites family and friends. When we started this adventure I had no idea that this would be our mission, and had a clue how much of an impact it would have on so many…but Hannie knew. I am privileged to help run this business and spread this goodness and light as far and wide as we can. 

Very much a dream come true. 

All these things aside, at the end of the day The Flower Letters exists because of you. Yes, we created it, and Hannie works relentlessly to create more but you are what carries us and enables us to do what we do. You are the key ingredient to our mission. 

You’ve helped us grow, and expand to 38 countries. It is you that gives us the ability to create even more stories and experiences and it is you that enables us in every aspect of our mission. The Flower Letters is nothing without your support and love for what we do. When you sign up for The Flower Letters or gift it to friends and family, you become a critical part of the mission to bring joy, enrich minds, administer relief, and unite family and friends. 

So on this Thanksgiving, we thank you for believing in us and taking a chance on this idea that spawned in April of 2020. Thank you for your kindness and patience while we refine and work to make this experience as good as it can and deserves to be. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Thank you for being vulnerable and telling us of your hardships and challenges - we hold these as sacred. Thank you for being who you are - the most wonderful community of people on the planet. Your goodness shines through in every interaction we have with you. Your desire to do good and be good is so evident as we communicate with you. 

We have come so far and accomplished a lot in a few short years, but we are in every sense of the word a small company, and growing. We are at a point as a company where we’re more driven than ever to spread the goodness and light of The Flower Letters and accomplish our mission of bringing joy, enriching minds, administering relief, and uniting family and friends. There is so much more work to be done, more stories to tell, more joy to spread, more relief to administer, and many more connections to be made. 

We are ever grateful for your enabling us in this important mission. 

So, now comes an invitation to ask for your help. This is a new idea so bear with us as we share it and refine it.

We need your help in accomplishing our mission...this comes through your purchasing stories and/or gifting them to friends and family. We know this isn't always possible for many due to life circumstances, financial or otherwise. So, we would like for you to share with us who you feel would benefit from The Flower Letters this Christmas. Who needs joy, enrichment, relief, or connection? What is their story? Will you share it with us?  We'll review each submission and as a team choose as many as we can to send The Flower Letters to. We will not be able to do all of them, but we would like to try. We also realize this person who you nominated might be you...and that is ok.

So if you're willing, follow the link below to nominate someone who would really benefit from The Flower Letters.  WE WILL NOT SHARE, PROMOTE, OR ANNOUNCE THOSE WHO ARE SELECTED...stories shared will be strictly confidential. If your nomination is selected, we will let you know!

Thank you a thousand times over for enabling us to live this dream and helping us accomplish our mission!

Michael and Hannie Clark