Remembering and Deep Joy

May 2022

Hello Story Lovers! 

In recent weeks we've been thinking back on this experience we've been having sharing The Flower Letters with you. While we began this adventure in 2020 - it began much, much earlier. It's fun, revealing, and humbling to think of everything we learned and had to go through to make this project a reality.

The cliche saying that hindsight is 20-20 usually means you failed and realized mistakes you made along the way.  We'd like to propose a little adjustment to that saying...because we don't necessarily believe in the standard definition of one of the worst words......failure. We choose to perceive the apparent failures of life a little differently. So....lets change the saying a bit to hindsight is, well...just about everything! Its how we learn, grow, and change. Remembering and looking back helps us to define, re-define and shape our future. Remembering is the very essence of intelligence. So we view 'failure' as the very means to enable change, define, re-define and grow - the 'failure' brings new intelligence, new learning, and new visions for the future. 

We also know that while remembering in this way can be powerful, joyful, and can enable hope...we are also familiar with remembering that is painful, paralyzing, and not terribly helpful to our current situations. We all have painful memories. But it is in this pain that true, deep joy is enabled - for without the dark there is no light.

So to those of you in the crucible of painful memories and situations, we say hold on...keep trying to remember the good, and look forward to the morning light...the night always ends and gives way for a brighter day. Sometimes the days are short, sometimes they are long...but they always come. Know that its the very pain you feel that enables the deep joy that awaits you.