Reason to Hope


Greetings Story Lovers!

It seems there is no relenting to the challenges our world faces. The pandemic, natural disasters, and world conflicts seem never-ending. While these challenges can and sometimes do bring out the worst in us, they can also serve as a means to bring out the best.

We see this happen time and again throughout history, and it’s been the same story these last two years - we’ve seen the worst to be sure, but we’ve also witnessed the best. The negative social narratives and headlines make it difficult to see, but when you choose to see good - it's all around you.

The fact that in the face of extreme difficulty, illness, war, and death people can still be good, do good, choose love over hate, goodness over evil, and kindness over malice is a great reason to hope that these challenges will pass. Humans the world over will seek goodness and peace - and while we won’t eradicate evil completely, the light will always dispel the darkness.

This last week we were in California. It was warm, some flowers were blooming and it was a nice break from the cold of winter. It made us excited for spring! Here is a photo we took while waiting for a table at a restaurant.

Sometimes it's these little things, a simple flower outside a restaurant, that help us see the light. We see it in our children, friends, family, and loved ones. We also see it in our interactions with you! Thank you so much for your kindness, words of thanks, encouragement, and love. We know we're telling stories in a unique way and it is encouraging to hear how much you're enjoying it.  

From the bottom of our hearts - thank you!