Our Amazing Team


Each week we’ll send you news and updates and a little behind the scenes of what's going on with The Flower Letters. We’d love to show you behind the curtain a bit and have you meet some of the people that make The Flower Letters what it is today. We have the most amazing team dedicated to bringing The Flower Letters to your mailbox.

Here we are at our very first Flower Letters Christmas Party (photo below)! We couldn’t do what we do without these amazing people!

Our mail team is hard at work preparing all the Christmas Bundles! We’re happy to report we do not anticipate any supply chain issues in getting the tins out the week after Christmas, and the first letters out by January 7th. This has everything to do with our incredible mail team! We’re ahead of schedule and keeping on top of your orders!

If you’re getting one of our story collections - you know this isn’t just a one page letter in an envelope. So many have commented on how packed each envelope is! We’re committed to making each letter valuable and packed with story, character and ‘fun’ things that add to the story.

At the dawn of this Christmas season, we hope this year brings you joy, happiness and prosperity! First and foremost, our mission is to bring joy to all those who experience The Flower Letters. Whether you subscribe to a story, follow us on social media, read our emails or check in from time to time on news and events - we hope what you see, read, hear and experience brings you joy! Ultimately, we hope YOU will want to continue to dive into one of our stories with both feet!

We can’t thank you enough for your support of The Flower Letters! We’re honored that you have made us part of your life, or the life of someone you love.

With love and gratitude,
Michael & Hannie Clark