Honoring Mothers

May 2023

Michael here. Hannie is sleeping in this morning and taking a well-deserved break. I am truly blessed to have her as the Mother of our children. 
So often in moments with my children, I am at a loss for what to do, how to proceed, counsel, or discipline. But Han knows what to do. Our kids love, respect, honor, and cherish her as their Mother. Upon arrival home and it's just me there - you might expect them to say, "hey dad!" But what do they say first almost all of the time?
"Where's Mom?"
Maybe I could be offended and sometimes I do let them know I'm there in a kidding way, but there is something about having mom there that makes such a big difference. I wouldn't want it any other way as a father. 
I was the same way with my mother. She was always there - physically, mentally, and emotionally engaged in me and my life...and what amazes me is she still is.  She doesn't hover but has always let me make mistakes, suffer consequences, and learn on my own. She never rescued me from my plight or mistakes but loved me through it. She trusted me, worried for me knowing I'd mess up sometimes. But no matter what, whether I made a big mistake, or had great success she was always there to greet me with the same love - perhaps ever more love, guidance, and concern when I made a mistake. 
Yes, I am truly blessed.
I also know this can be a challenging holiday for some women. There are many who have lost children, are unable to have children of their own, or are suffering in some way that can make this day difficult. If this is you, we honor you and see you. Hannie and I often talk about you. As we receive your letters and notes and as you share intimate details of your challenges with us, we feel honored to be, in a small way, part of your relief. You inspire us to keep going, keep creating and keep bringing light and goodness to YOU. From the bottom of our hearts, we honor and thank you for being who you are. 
Michael & Hannie