Gentle Souls

March 2023

Hi, Michael
We're excited to share another Love Letter from Hannie this week. Its been a minute since we last shared a Love Letter with you and we're looking forward to sharing more. The topic is gentle souls and we hope it brightens your day!
Last week announced a significant update to our mailing schedule and we are so excited with how well this change has been working.  Our goal is to make this as accessible as possible to anyone that needs and or wants this experience in their life, or the life of someone they love. 
For anyone that missed the change, below is a review. 
As of March 16, 2023 ALL NEW subscriptions with begin mailing within 1 to 3 business days of the order. 
This means if you order today, your first letter will mail no later than Wednesday, Thursday March 30!
After the first letter, the remainder will be sent following our regular mailing schedule: twice a month following the schedule linked below.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This has no impact on current subscriptions.  We are keeping the same mailing schedule for the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. This applies to new story subscriptions made on and after March 16th, 2023. 
There are still some subscriptions that are scheduled to start on a future mail day. We want to assure these subscribers that we WILL NOT change your selected schedule. This only applies to orders received on and after March 16th, 2023.  
That is it for this week. Below is a photo of a few of our tulips this morning. We're still getting a lot of snow here in Utah which is fantastic! We admit winter seems to be extending itself around here, but we can't argue with Mother Nature so we embrace it! We will keep sharing the progress of our flowers...we planted a lot, and we're getting ready to plant even more!
Michael and Hannie Clark