Audrey Rose - Stained Glass Tutorial


Materials You’re Going To Need:

Step 1: Get a Frame

First, you will need a glass frame on which you’re going to paint. The pattern that came with the Audrey Rose Collection works best with an 11x17 piece of glass. You can also use a slightly large frame size.

You can find glass frames from Amazon, Goodwill, or any craft store near you. I usually buy my craft stuff from Goodwill. Links for all the supplies are above.

Step 2: Thoroughly Clean The Glass

Secondly, get the glass out of the frame, and put the structure and its back aside. Then, clean the glass thoroughly with any cleaning liquid. You don’t need to buy anything specific. Alcohol and cotton worked great for me.

(Optional): Prepare your glass with a coat of clear Clear Gesso. The Gesso will make the glue and color stick to the glass easier.

Step 3: Set The Glass Over Your Pattern

The great thing about faux stained glass is that you can choose whatever pattern you like. The pattern found in The Audrey Rose Collection is the official Audrey Rose pattern, but you can find any stained glass patter to use. You can even draw your own pattern. Place the glass over the print to trace it.

You can tape down the glass, to keep the pattern and the glass in place. You’ll need tape that is not too sticky or the tape will rip the pattern paper. Painters tape worked best for us.

Step 4: Trace The Pattern Onto the Glass

Now, with the help of a black permanent marker, trace the pattern to glass. Do this in small portions. It’s better to start from the middle and work your way to the edges. This way, you’ll not smudge the freshly applied marker. 

Step 5: Mix The White Glue With Black Dye

After tracing the pattern over the glass with a black marker, now we will trace our lines with a mixture of glue and black dye. The mixture ratio that we found works nicely is 1:4. Four parts of white glue to every one part black dye.

You can mix the glue with the dye in a bottle, either with the help of a Popsicle stick or the back of your paintbrush. Never shake the bottle to mix the dye and the glue, this will create little bubbles that will ruin your consistent lines.

Once you’re done with the mixing, remove the paper pattern from underneath the glass. This will help you see the market lines better, and the new glue lines you are squeezing on.

Step 6: Trace The Pattern With Glue

After removing the paper pattern, create the leading by squeezing the glue over your market lines. Adjust the glue cap to alter the width of the line. Test the consistency and the stream of the leading before applying it over to the glass.

After you trace your marker lines with the black glue, let the leading dry. It usually takes 6-8 hours for the leading to dry completely. 

Step 7: Mix The Colors

While your leading is drying, you can start mixing up the colored clear glue. For this, you need color dye, clear glue, mixing cups, and something to stir with. 

Add the clear glue to your little cups and add coloring. Mix the coloring and glue until well combined. The number of color drops used will depend on the shade you are wanting to make. The more drops you add, the darker the color will be. 

Step 8: Paint The Glass

Make sure the leading is fully dry before you begin painting your glass. Paint multiple layers of color onto your glass in the color pattern of your choice. Continue applying layers until you’ve reached your desired shade of color. And then, leave to dry.

Step 9: Apply High Gloss Varnish

Applying high gloss varnish is the final and optional step. The varnish will give your faux stained glass a glossy and shiny look. It will also prevent damage and will keep the colors from fading with time.

Again, do not shake the bottle before applying, or you’ll end up with little bubbles in your varnish. This is an optional step, but It’ll really help to seal and protect your glass.

Lastly, let it dry, and your glass is good to display. Hang it in your window or display it inside your house.

We would love to see your final results! Make sure to share your faux glass with us on Instagram or Facebook. Tag @the.flower.letters so we can see your beautiful work.