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"I am intrigued and so excited to get the next letter! I love the recipe and I love the additional section on the internet that I can refer to after receding the letters. I can’t read enough! Thank you so much for the opportunity to receive these!"

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Tired of getting mail you don't love? When you subscribe you'll look forward to checking your mail in anticipation of the next installment of our stories. Each story takes place on the pages of intimate and personal letters sent between characters, drawing you into their hopes and dreams and the greater world around them. Sit back, maybe make a cup of tea, take a break and immerse yourself into this brand new mailbox story experience.

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The Audrey ROsE Collection

In our premier story, Audrey Rose, we explore what it might have been like to live through WWII. To experience the range of emotions leading up to the war…the triumphs and heartbreaks…the indelible moments that might carry you for months or even years of longing and wondering…

What if?

Will they ever come back to you?

Will your story end happily ever after?

The Lily Clara Collection

Set in the anything-goes, rip-roaring Old West, the Lily Clara series is big on adventure, intrigue, and of course, unforgettable romance. Throw in an outlaw chase, a vengeful vigilante, and a good old fashioned Spanish treasure hunt, and the Lily Clara Collection is a wild western like no other!


We are proud to introduce an exciting new fantasy adventure storytelling experience! This time, in a temporary departure from historical fiction, we’re diving deep into a fantastical world to bring you full-tilt adventure, enchanted creatures, and an immersive inter-dimensional mystery you won’t want to miss! 

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Subscribe for $12/mo and receive 2 beautifully illustrated letters per month for an entire year. Each letter is packed with elements designed to enhance the storytelling experience. Whether it's a telegram, post card, coded message or map - each will draw you deeper into this truly immersive story experience.

Lose yourself in an

unforgettable journey.

The Flower Letters are more than just…letters. Each story collection is packed with historically accurate inserts designed to take you ever further into the story, era and experience. Our historical fiction stories are intricately researched and center around a specific era or event in our world's history. 

From the moment you open your mailbox to the umpteenth time you find yourself re-reading that month’s delivery of letters and inserts, you may just find yourself lost in another time and place. 

Lose yourself in an

unforgettable journey.

The Flower Letters are more than just…letters. They’re intricately researched, highly interactive works of historical fiction. Each series is centered around a specific era or event, giving you, the reader, a much richer and more compelling view of the lives of your characters.

This isn’t just a story you read. This is an immersive experience like never before. From the moment you open your mailbox to the umpteenth time you find yourself re-reading that month’s delivery of letters, you may just find yourself lost in another time and place.

Meet The Creators

Michael and Hannie Clark are the creators of The Flower Letters.

Michael is a business entrepreneur who keeps everything organized and running properly for The Flower Letters. He also contributes to the creation of the storylines and makes it possible for Hannie to have the time necessary to write and create the art for the letters.

Hannie is a 5x published author. Three of those books are children’s books that she has also illustrated. She sells original 3D floral art over at @hannieclarkcreative .

The Clarks live in Utah, USA and have been married for 17 years. They have two fantastic kiddies that are involved wholeheartedly in this Flower Letters adventure that they're on. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these stories true? Are these real letters between real people?

No. While our stories center around eras and historical events, the characters and story lines are fictional. Any similarities are coincidental. Check our Learn sections regularly - we'll share background and insights into the inspiration for our stories and characters. 

I am ordering this as a gift for someone that doesn't have internet access - can they still fully participate in The Flower Letters?

Yes! We do provide some additional content online in our Learn section, but access to the internet is not required to participate in The Flower Letters.

I haven't subscribed yet? Am I too late?

No - you're not too late! Our model supports subscribers any time during the year. When you subscribe we'll start sending you the story you subscribe to and continue for 12 months until the story is finished. You will get the whole experience!

How long does it take for my letter to arrive? 

We use USPS First Class mail and mail on the dates found here. Mail times vary but can take up to 1 week for US letters and4 to 6 weeks to for international arrival. 

Do you mail internationally?

Yes! We currently mail to 35 different countries!