Orchid Mae Presale Countdown


Story Synopsis

It’s 1910, the height of the Progressive Era, and 20-year-old Orchid Mae Entwistle is quickly becoming the next Nellie Bly amongst American journalists. As a muckraker reporter, there’s one thing she really cares about, telling the truth.

When a mysterious letter comes from her archeologist aunt, making Orchid a career-promoting offer of a lifetime, she’s ready to jump at the chance. There’s just one catch; it may require her to compromise her journalistic integrity and stretch the truth a little.

Sam “The Hunter” Hunt has made himself a household name as a top prizefighting boxer in Chicago. But with the mob running the city, things have gotten complicated, and Sam wants out. A gifted artist when he’s not in the ring, Sam receives an offer to work as an onsite illustrator for a Dr. Amelia Entwistle, who is presently working on a dig in the Amazon jungle. The job is Sam’s on one condition; on his way to Brazil, he must act as bodyguard to Dr. Entwistle’s 20-year-old niece.

Sure. No problem. How hard could it be? Sam thinks. Until he meets Orchid Mae. From first sight, it’s clear he’s about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

With family secrets, ancient legends, mysterious disappearances, and corruption of the worst kind afoot, Orchid Mae and Sam venture into the heart of the Amazon to uncover the truth. What they learn instead is that the truth is more complicated than they imagined.