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Our stories draw you to another time and place. Each is carefully researched, beautifully illustrated and masterfully written to give you an unforgettable story experience. 

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Something to look forward to

We all need something to look forward to. Subscribe and look forward to retrieving your letters from the mailbox, twice a month for a year.

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Find your favorite cozy spot and immerse yourself in another time and place. Savor each letter over and over.

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This experience is best when shared with the people that matter most. Give as a gift, subscribe together and connect through this brand new story experience. 

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In our premier story, Audrey Rose, we explore what it might have been like to live through WWII. To experience the range of emotions leading up to the war… the triumphs and heartbreaks…the indelible moments that might carry you for months or even years of longing and wondering…

What if?

Will they ever come back to you?
Will your story end happily ever after?
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Set in the anything-goes, rip-roaring Old West, the Lily Clara series is big on adventure, intrigue, and of course, unforgettable romance. Throw in an outlaw chase, a vengeful vigilante, and a good old fashioned Spanish treasure hunt, and the Lily Clara Collection is a wild western like no other!
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The Adelaide Magnolia Collection is set in Jane Austen’s England. The year is 1817 and the Prince Regent is ruling in Mad King George’s stead.

The Adelaide Magnolia Collection is our newest story collection.
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We are proud to introduce an exciting new fantasy adventure storytelling experience! This time, in a temporary departure from historical fiction, we’re diving deep into a fantastical world to bring you full-tilt adventure, enchanted creatures, and an immersive inter-dimensional mystery you won’t want to miss!
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