About Us


Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a significant event in history? Ever had the pleasure of hearing the first-hand account of someone’s mysterious adventure? Have you ever indulged in the guilty pleasure of eavesdropping (accidentally, of course) on the conversation between two lovers? We have! And there’s definitely nothing more interesting and personal than getting to experience all of the above through a handwritten letter.

Something magical happens in a letter. The time, the thought, the extra effort that a letter requires, says something to the recipient that is much harder to communicate in today’s fast-paced, instant communication age. We wanted to capture that magic by creating stories that are delivered to you through the post, and then unfolded one clue, one event, one letter at a time. 

And so, we created The Flower Letters!

Who are we? We are the Clarks. Michael is a business entrepreneur and Hannie Clark of Hannie Clark Creative is a published author and artist. Combining our love of stories, beautiful art, and the magic and excitement we felt as kids when handwritten letters were still lovingly placed in an envelope, stamped, and exchanged through the post, we created The Flower Letters.

The Flower Letters are an interactive storytelling experience sent to you one letter at a time. It is an experience that readers of all ages, interests, and backgrounds can enjoy. We hope you’ll subscribe and enjoy the magic and personal touch of The Flower Letters. We’ve so loved creating them for you!


Michael and Hannie