Our Focus = You

Feb 2023
We are approaching three years into this adventure and learning every step of the way. In these three years, we have had incredible feedback from you, our customers, and the community, to help us make this experience what it is today. Our goal is to improve and make everything about this company better for you.
Hannie and I are blessed to have wonderful people helping us along this adventure - we cannot do this without our team! As we meet as a team, we are humbled as we witness how dedicated our team is to what we're doing. Staying late to ensure the mailing gets out, adding hours to a shift to answer more customer requests, and providing invaluable insights and feedback to help us make better decisions for the company and for you.
One unintended, but very welcome consequence of starting this adventure is how meaningful this experience has become for so many. Handwritten notes expressing thanks, online reviews, private emails, and direct messages are full of stories and insights into very personal situations. With every note, our commitment is renewed to continue investing in growing this business and making this experience available to as many people as we can, and making it every better for our current subscribers. 
So with that in the coming months, you will begin to notice steady improvements in your experience - with the letters, on our website, with our team, and our emails. We are VERY excited to share these improvements with you.  This does not mean we are changing anything about what you're currently experiencing - it i still 24 letters sent through the mail (no digital version for now) and sent twice a month for a year. Some improvements will be subtle, others may be more obvious and worthy of its own newsletter! These improvements are driven by the feedback we get from you and we know you are going to LOVE them so stay tuned. 
We thank you again for growing with us! 
Michael and Hannie