D-Day 78th Anniversary

June 2022

To our friends around the world ...

This newsletter is also a little different. We are headed out of town to do research for our next story but we wanted to get this out this week.

This past Monday marked the 78th anniversary of D-Day. 

As many of you know, The Audrey Rose Collection takes place during the events leading up to this infamous day. Letter #20 in the collection details these events. You can view our blog post that goes along with the letter here.

It is difficult to add to what has already been said regarding this day, but it is always worth saying, or trying to say something so we never forget those who took on the task, faced certain death and gave their lives in the defence of the free world.

We owe a lot to those few who remain with us - the veterans of D-Day and WWII and other world conflicts. We also owe a lot to those who carry on their legacy as active military who continue to serve and are at the ready to repeat the effort if need be. When times are tough and the world seems to be spiraling downward; when all we see is the darkness and those seeking to usurp or eliminate a nation's freedom - it is comfortaing and inspiring to know that around the world, men and women are volunteering to take up the fight for good, to eliminate tyranny, preserve freedom and carry on the legacy of freedom, hope and light. 

To these men and women we say thank you. To those few who remain with us, who bore the weight of the fight on D-Day and beyond - we honor you.

Jesus taught in John 15:13 what we think is a truth we can all agree on regardless of belief or religion - "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." To each veteran, you have honored us with your love and willingness to lay down your life, for freedom, hope, and light. You gave up years of your life, continue to bear the trauma war inflicts, and we are ever in your debt. 

Michael, Hannie and The Flower Letters Team