Connection Through Story

Dear Michael

It's November! We welcomed Winter early this week with a pretty nice snowstorm. In the coming weeks, we'll be getting together with friends family, and loved ones. This is the time for gathering! 

One of the things we love to hear is how you're enjoying The Flower Letters together. We enjoy the stories of people connecting as they read and enjoy this new experience. We love this so much that we made this one of the 4 pillars of our company mission - Unite Family and Friends.

We are grateful for the stories and experiences you share uniting with friends and family through The Flower Letters. We are honored to be the means of bringing you together with loved ones!

At the same time, we LOVE to hear the experiences of individuals experiencing this in a more intimate way - alone as a means of relief.  This is also one of the 4 pillars of our mission - Administer Relief. Whether you savor the stories over a cup of tea, or in bed before turning out the lights - we are also honored to be part of your moments of relief from the outside world.

This is the interesting and wonderful thing about the power of a story. When we read books, watch movies or experience The Flower Letters we all have something in common...we all have a story! And despite what you might think our individual stories are as fascinating as anyone else's. It's often through reading books or experiencing a story that we discover meaning in our own lives. It's how we connect the dots to our motivations, desires, hopes, and dreams. We often identify with characters in a story and ask ourselves - what would I do in their shoes? How would I act if faced with the same challenge? What would I have said in that situation? And sometimes we cheer when the characters act or do what we would do!

Our message this week is to share your story! Especially with the ones you love most! Is there something from your childhood that you've never shared with your child, friends, or loved ones?

We also invite you to ask those you love most about their stories! As you gather with your family, friends, and loved ones - ask about their lives. Here are some questions that can get you started.

What was your favorite Christmas when you were a child? 

What was it like growing up where you did?

What games did you love to play as a kid?

How did you and mom/or dad meet?

The questions are endless. This can deepen your understanding and connection with those you loved most. 

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Michael and Hannie Clark