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The Adelaide Magnolia Collection

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The Adelaide Magnolia Collection - Annual

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regency Romance

The Adelaide Magnolia Collection

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Christmas Bundle Includes

  • Story Collection 24 letters mailed over the year
  • Floral Collection Tin The perfect storage container for your letters
  • Gift Printout Print and present on Christmas to explain the year long adventure ahead!

Tins ship by December 30th and first letter mails January 6th for all Christmas Bundles

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A story told through 24 letters

Mailed to you over the course of a year

Includes postcards, posters, stickers, and more!

Over 500,000 letters delivered to 35 countries 



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The Adelaide Magnolia Collection is set in Jane Austen’s England. The year is 1817 and the Prince Regent is ruling in Mad King George’s stead.

Miss Adelaide Magnolia Arden was once the sensational “toast en ton” but has since walked away from high society for reasons unknown. When her beloved brother falls in love with one of her dearest friends, however, events are soon set in motion that change the isolated future Adelaide has resigned herself to.

After his heroic campaign at Waterloo and an unexpected turn in his fortunes, Captain Liam Mattice has spent the last two London seasons searching for “the most enchanting lady of his acquaintance,” but to no avail. When an unexpected opportunity arrives to visit the home of the lady in question, Liam is determined to make the most of it.

Annual incomes, ball gowns, and the latest scandal of the Prince Regent are all London’s high society concerns itself with, but if Adelaide and Liam ever hope to find the true happiness they seek, they must first face the demons of a troubled past.

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When you sign up for our one-year monthly subscription, you’re subscribing to a unique twelve-month immersive experience! Each of our letter collections comes with 24 beautifully illustrated letters. These letters are the personal correspondence between the characters of our story.

Receive 2 letters per month

Subscribers will receive two letters a month for twelve months, mailed on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month. Each letter has been thoroughly researched, and thoughtfully designed by hand. Some letters are richly illustrated, while others might be a series of authentically designed telegrams. You may even receive a fact-filled newspaper clipping or a treasure map along the way. The possibilities are endless. We think half the fun is not knowing what’s coming next!

Enjoy the story

Most importantly, our subscribers will receive one thrilling story filled with History, Mystery, Adventure, and Romance with every collection of the Flower Letters they subscribe to. And yes, you can even subscribe to more than one collection at a time! 

Get creative with your postcards

Once a month, subscribers will also receive a beautifully illustrated postcard featuring that collection's signature flower. We wanted to do something to encourage our subscribers to keep the dying art of letter writing alive. Use your postcard to send love notes to your own dear ones. Or don’t! Keep them as mini art prints if you like. We’ll never know. ;-)

*Collection Tin for this story will be available soon

Money-Back Guarantee

As the creators of The Flower Letters and writers of our stories, we stand behind our work and want you to have an enjoyable experience with The Flower Letters. This is a new and exciting way to experience a story, and we have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. First and foremost this should be a source of joy for you and anyone experiencing this for the first time. If you are not happy with your experience after the first two letters, we will issue you a full refund no questions asked.

Guaranteed Delivery

Additionally, this is designed to be a cohesive story experience. Getting every letter in order is important to us! Therefore, if a letter is missed, lost, stolen, or tattered just email us and we will happily resend the letter at no additional cost to you. 

Introducing The Flower Letters Christmas Bundle.

What is our Christmas Bundle?⁠

💌 The mailbox story subscription of your choice - 4 story options available

💌 A matching floral collection tin⁠

We make gifting the bundle easy with our gift downloads available for each story collection.

How does it work?

All you have to do is print out the download to give to your friends or loved ones on Christmas, or whenever you celebrate.

Then we’ll take it from there and ship the tin just after Christmas before Dec 30th. The first letter will mail on January 6th and continue through December 2023 - this is truly the gift that keeps on giving all year long!

Whichever story you choose to gift, one thing is certain: your friend or loved one is going to embark on a year-long adventure with characters they’ll come to treasure. And better yet: you just crossed an important gift decision off your list. How easy was that?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these stories true? Are these real letters between real people?

No. While our stories center around eras and historical events, the characters and story lines are fictional. Any similarities are coincidental. Check our Learn sections regularly - we'll share background and insights into the inspiration for our stories and characters. 

I haven't subscribed yet? Am I too late?

No - you're not too late! Our model supports subscribers any time during the year. When you subscribe we'll start sending you the story you subscribe to and continue for 12 months until the story is finished. You will get the whole experience!

How long does it take for my letter to arrive? 

We use USPS First Class mail and mail on the dates found here. Mail times vary but can take up to 1 week for US letters and 4 to 6 weeks to for international arrival. 

Do you mail internationally?

Yes! We currently mail to 35 different countries!

I am ordering this as a gift for someone that doesn't have internet access - can they still fully participate in The Flower Letters?

Yes! We do provide some additional content online in our Learn section, but access to the internet is not required to participate in The Flower Letters.

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