How it works

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When you sign up for our one-year monthly subscription, you’re subscribing to a unique twelve-month immersive experience! Each of our letter collections comes with 24 beautifully illustrated letters. These letters are the personal correspondence between the characters of our story.

Receive 2 letters/month

Subscribers will receive two letters a month for twelve months, mailed on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month. Each letter has been thoroughly researched, and thoughtfully designed by hand. Some letters are richly illustrated, while others might be a series of authentically designed telegrams. You may even receive a fact filled newspaper clipping or a treasure map along the way. The possibilities are endless. We think half the fun is not knowing what’s coming next!

Enjoy the story

Most importantly, our subscribers will receive one thrilling story filled with History, Mystery, Adventure, and Romance with every collection of the Flower Letters they subscribe to. And yes, you can even subscribe to more than one collection at a time! 

Get creative with your postcards

Once a month, subscribers will also receive a beautifully illustrated postcard featuring that collection's signature flower. We wanted to do something to encourage our subscribers to keep the dying art of letter writing alive. Use your postcard to send love notes to your own dear ones. Or don’t! Keep them as mini art prints if you like. We’ll never know. ;-)